Your vacation pictures can contribute to research!

Are you going to ply the St-Lawrence waters this summer - in a sailboat, inflatable, or kayak? You might sight some whales and take pictures. Did you know that our field studies of whales are based on individual photo-identification of humpback, fin, and blue whales! Your photos can be very useful for our research. Each individual carries distinctive natural markings equivalent to our fingerprints. The humpback whale's tail (ventral surface; when the whale dives); the back and flank pigmentation of the blue whale and the pigmentation of the fin whale's right side from behind its head to its dorsal fin!

If you have the opportunity to take pictures of a whale please send photos by mail or E-mail, including the date and the location of the sighting!

We thank you in advance for your support of our work through your observations and photographs.

Because pictures often say more than words here are some examples of photo-identification: