MICS is a Canadian non-profit research organization. All donations made to MICS are tax-deductible.

We are often asked how we fund ourselves. We have survived into over 25 years by combining funds provided by grants from both governmental (federal and provincial) and private foundations (WWF, IFAW, Fondation de la Faune du Québec, and the Canadian Whale Institute). This money is added to income from the research sessions, day trips, and museum tours. We sell t-shirts, books, posters, and many other items in our museum store.   We also now have an online store with a growing inventory of t-shirts, mugs, posters, tote bags and more.

The key to the survival of a non-profit organization is generosity of private donors linked to a solid endowment. We have created an endowment fund, which exists to provide a measure of long-term financial stability. We hope to build this fund through private donations. Only a portion of the yearly return generated by the endowment will be used for MICS operations. The capital of the endowment is to remain intact and grow to create a solid financial future for MICS.

Our aim is to achieve a financially self-sufficient state that will continue to provide students with the opportunity to carry out graduate studies and to provide our researchers the support they require to pursue the long-term studies that are the essence of our mandate.

Wish List of equipment needed at the station:
Molecular Lab Equipment (Genetic Testing kit)$14,000 US
Mustang Floater suits$2,000 US
Video projector$2,000 US
2 Digital SLR cameras$2,600 US
Science books for library$500 US/ year
Scientific Journals for library$500 US/ year
Dish washer

$500 US
Donate to a specific research project:

  • Blue whale satellite tagging program St. Lawrence, Iceland, Sea of Cortez, 15 tags at $2,300US each = $34,500US.
  •  Analysis of toxic chemicals from blubber biopsy samples for blue, fin, humpback, and minke whales. Each sample costs from $350 to $1000 depending on the breadth of analysis.
  • Blue whale acoustic studies = $7,000US
  • ID photo image scanning and input/data storage to DVD = $35,000Can (salaries)
  • Blue and Fin whale group structure studies=$25,000Can
  • Sponsor lab equipment=$55,000Can
  • Sponsor a team member's summer salary =$8,000Can

Museum exhibits:

  • Life-size blue whale sculpture   $40,000 Can
  • Window water lighting effect   $ 5,000 Can

You can also adopt a blue whale.

Other Ways to Help

Want to help MICS to continue to its important work?  In addition to donating to MICS you can:

Adopt A Whale

Adopt a whale into your family!  Not only will you be the proud new parent of a leviathan, but you will also get one of these:

Of course you will also be helping MICS continue its research and education.

Buy MICS Gear

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