blue whale head
Humpback breach
rorqual commun et dauphin
Fin whale and dolphin
Blue Whale
Balaenoptera musculus
Humpback Whale
Megaptera novaeangliae
Minke Whale
Balaenoptera acutorostrata
Finback Whale
Balaenoptera physalus
Harbour porpoise
Phocoena phocoena
White beaked dolphin
Lagenorhynchus albirostris
Atlantic White Sided Dolphin
Lagenorhynchus acutus

Who We Are

Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) is a non-profit research organization dedicated to ecological studies of marine mammals and marine ecosystems. Founded in 1979 by Richard Sears, MICS was the first organization to carry out long-term research of cetaceans in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and first to carry out long-term studies of the endangered blue whale. The principal study areas include the Québec North Shore in the Mingan Island/Anticosti region, the Gaspe Peninsula and St Lawrence Estuary.

In addition MICS has carried out fieldwork in the Sea of Cortez, off Iceland and the Azores. We have also participated in cetacean research off New Zealand, New Caledonia, South Georgia (South Atlantic), Panama, Costa Rica, Greenland, and in the Gulf of Maine.

In order to fund our research, MICS invites the public to participate in our marine mammal studies. Come join our team, learn field technics, and contribute to our research. For a week or more you can live like a field biologist, observe whale behavior, and better understand marine ecosystems. From June to October in the St. Lawrence and during April/May in the Azores participate and discover aspects of our study species lives in vast wilderness marine classrooms. Our aim is not to offer just another whale-watch, but have you experience our studies first hand, which is the best learning travel can offer. To learn more please click on Research Tourism in the heading menu bar.

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Mics Team

Richard Sears

Alain Carpentier

Christian Ramp

Julien Delarue

David Gaspard

Joanna Kershaw

Josiane Riopel

Miranda Unger

Partners and sponsors

We would like to thank the following organizations for contributing so generously to MICS.